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Why Use a REALTOR® ?

Maybe you're buying a home for the first time. Or maybe you're selling your old home to move to something new. Whether buying or selling, you’re involved in an intricate process requiring many specialists. One of these specialists might be a REALTOR®, who’s responsible for making the transaction as easy as possible for you.

The                    Difference

However, not every licenced or registered broker or salesperson is a REALTOR.   To be a REALTOR, an agent must be a member of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).   And to be a member of CREA, an agent is expected to be:®,®

Committed to the REALTORCode:  The code is the accepted standard of conduct for all real estate practitioners who are REALTORS.  It's your guarentee of profession conduct and the quality of service.   Read more about the REALTOR Code®.® ®

Knowledge about developments in real estate:   A REALTOR can get you the information needed to make an informed decision:  comparable prices, neighbourhood trends, housing market conditions and more.®

Actively updating education:  Through courses, workshops and other profession development, a REALTOR maintains a high level of curent knowledge about real estate.®

Access:   REALTORS has access to Board MLS Systems, which facilitate the cooperate sale of properties to benefit consumers.®

Benefits of a REALTOR®

Whether buying or selling a home, you can trust that your REALTOR will ensure the transaction is completed competently and professionally.  You don't have to worry about details - your REALTOR can take care of them for you.  You can get advice from someone with an intimate knowledge of the local housing market.  And you can count on the help of a professional who has committed to serve with integrity and competence.®®



Top 6 Reasons to use ONE REALTOR®

1.   It is generally free to enlist the services of a REALTOR® to assist you in locating and purchasing a home.

2.  You will have a professional (a licenced REALTOR®) negotiating on your behalf  when it comes time to make an offer on a property.

3.  Your REALTOR® can give you access to exclusive features of the MLS (Multiple Listing Serivce) that the public is not privy to.  This access provides you with more complete and detailed information about the properties you are interested in.  In addition, your REALTOR® can and will then keep you informed of everything on the market that meets your needs.  Your REALTOR® can also give you the "heads up" on properties that are coming on the market but have not yet been listed​.

4.  REALTORS® can source out every property on the market regardless of which company has the property listed.

5.  One dream, one team.  Your REALTOR® can become an expert on your lifestyle, your financial situation, and your specific nees  and tastes.  He or she can become your "tireless" partner and the business of finding your dream home.  Scattering your time and energy amongst multiple REALTORS® will work against your goal of finding your dream home.  And because most REALTORS® have equal access to the same property listings, there is no real advantage to having multiple REALTORS®.

​6.  Your REALTOR® can assist you in recommeding other qualified professionals to help you with the various stages in your home purchasing transaction such as a mortgage broker, home inspectors, lawyers, and contractors.

Choosing The Right REALTOR® for you

Am I the right Real Estate Agent for you?  Let's find out by asking some questions.


  • Which Real Estate Company do you work for?

  • How long have you been an agent?

  • What is your professional background?

  • Do you hold any professional designations?

  • Do you work with other agents or use assistants?

  • What areas of town do you work in or are most familiar with?

  • Do you understand what I am looking for in a home?

  • How many other buyers or sellers are you working with?

  • Is there anything about you or your company that I haven't asked that I should know?

  • Can I have any references from any other buyers that you have worked with recently?

How Do Realtors Get Paid?

REALTORS® work for a commissionand only get paid when a house listed with a REALTOR® sells.  The commission is  percentage of the selling price and is most often paid by the seller.  As a  buyer, you can generally enlist  the services of a REALTOR® for free. When a home is listed for sale, the Seller and the Seller's agent enter into a listing contract which stipulates what percentage of the sale price will be paid to the REALTOR'S® brokerage when the house sells.  The commission is shared by the listing REALTOR's® brokerage and and the seling REALTOR's® brokerage and is paid on the completion date of the sale.

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