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Photography and Video

I believe that professional quality photographs and video are a key component in any marketing strategy.  As 92% of all people looking to by property start their search on-line and often rule out a property or fall in love with it before even going to see it, high quality photographs and video are essential in presenting the best possible first impression.  As we know, you often only get one chance to make a first impression, and you can feel confident that by listing your property with me, that first impression will be the best one!



Marketing is about communicating value and the right styling and imagery is critical in conveying quality. As we only get one opportunity to engage a first-time viewer, we must make sure our marketing material is well-designed and provides a clear and positive impression so the buyer looking at your home on-line will want to come and have a look in person. The key is to entice them enough to get them to walk through the door!   


As 92% of the buyers are searching on-line, the first glimpse of your home will be from the photographs found on-line. If the photos look blurry, or slanted, or display poor resolution, colour, or exposure, expect people to start with letting out a sigh and asking, “how much???”


If quality is communicated through professional photographs, potential buyers will be attracted who value quality and will be willing to pay for it. After all, it's your home we are talking about here and we want to get you the most money for it! 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER!  Do you want your home to make the best possible first impression on a potential buyer?  Professional looking and high quality photographs are essential to showing off your home in the best possible way. As most potential buyers these days are starting their home search on-line, taking extra care and attention in photographing your home and attractively marketing it on my website and various other social media platforms will gain the most exposure, bring you the greatest number of potential buyers, and secure the best possible price.  Have a look for yourself at to see the difference exceptional photos can make and then call me to discuss how I can showcase your home and make that first impression an outstanding one! 

What impression do you want to make?

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