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Where are our buyers coming from?

According to statistics published by the Kootenay Real Estate Board, almost half (49%) of the buyers purchasing homes/property in the City of Nelson in 2016 were local. An additional 16% were from the West Kootenays, so realistically 65% of sales were to residents of the West Kootenays. 12% were from Alberta followed by the Lower Mainland at 9%.

Looking at the Nelson Rural market, 32% of buyers were local, 27% from the West Kootenays, so again about 59% from the immediate area. The Lower Mainland and Alberta tied for 3rd place each accounting for 14% of the buyers last year.

Interesting comparison between Nelson City and Nelson Rural in terms of where our buyers are coming from. Knowing where the buyers are coming from is always an important strategic consideration in my marketing plans to attract the right buyers for your property.

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