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How a Realtor Can Help You Buy a Home

Buy with a REALTOR®, or go it alone?

In the same way that many people decide not to fix their own cars or do their own dental work, it's wise to enlist a professional when purchasing your most valuable asset. Real estate transactions are complex, time consuming and involve a lot of legal documentation. Your REALTOR® is knowledgeable and highly motivated to help you get your ideal home at the the best possible price.

Before flying solo, truly know what a REALTOR® can offer:

1. Your REALTOR® will navigate the home buying process and paperwork for you from start to finish, ensuring everything flows smoothly without any surprises.

2. Your REALTOR® will find the right home, in the neighbourhood you want, at a price you can afford.

3. Your REALTOR® will get a feel for the neighbourhood including schools, parks and other amenities.

4. Your REALTOR® will help find out if you are eligible for government home ownership incentive programs.